About Us & Policies

Thank you for choosing serviceableaircraftparts.com for your aircraft parts needs.  We provide new surplus, inspected, repaired, reconditioned, or overhauled parts.  These parts may be used for certified or experimental aircraft.  Parts that were inspected, repaired, reconditioned, or overhauled was done by an FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station.  A yellow tag, partial repair ticket, or an FAA 8130-3 Authorized Release Certificate may be provided for the parts you purchase.

Please take a moment to know more about our policies before placing your orders.

  • Serviceableaircraftparts.com is a website providing inventories for aircraft parts that are only in airworthy condition.  We do not have a physical store location or warehouse that you can walk-in and view our inventories.  All our parts are stored in a private location to ensure safety and preserve its condition.  If you felt uncomfortable in dealing with us due to many scams online, we suggest contacting us first through telephone, text, or email and we will be happy to answer your inquiries.
  • We are not an aircraft salvage company, therefore, we don’t list damaged, cores, or repairable parts.  However, some of the parts in our website were visually inspected and sold in “as is, where is” condition.  These are mostly avionics and airframe components. In addition, we can also facilitate search and purchase of parts in any condition based on our customer’s request.
  • serviceableaircraftparts.com is not an FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station.  We can’t issue an FAA 8130-3 Authorized Release Certificate for parts that were visually inspected and listed in our website.  Parts that were inspected, repaired, reconditioned, or overhauled by an FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station may come with a yellow tag, partial repair ticket, or an FAA 8130-3 form.  Some shops may only issue a “Partial Repair Ticket” for parts that were only cleaned and inspected and didn’t undergo repairs.
  • All prices and sales are final.  We encourage you to contact us and request more information such as photos and document of the part you are interested to purchase.  As much as we wanted to sell an excellent, certified, and serviceable parts to you in an equitable price, we refrain in accepting it back (returns) because of wrong part number od due to damaged during installation.  If the part was damaged during shipment, then you may request compensation from the shipping carrier.
  • If you believed the parts was not properly inspected, repaired, reconditioned, or overhauled by the FAA certified repair station that did the work then please contact us first.  You may send us photos and explain the discrepancies and we will try to resolve the issue together with the shop that did the work.  If in your own opinion, the part is not good then we will either provide a replacement part or provide a full refund.  WE WILL ONLY PROVIDE REPLACEMENT OR REFUND AFTER THE RECEIPT OF THE ORIGINAL PART IN GOOD CONDITION.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SEND IT BACK IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING.  THE COST FOR RETURNED SHIPPING AND THE SHIPMENT OF TH REPLACEMENT PART IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF TH EBUYER.
  • The photos of the parts in our website are a representative of the part that we are selling.  If you need more information and actual photo of the part, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide it to you.
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer or installer of the part to ensure its airworthiness condition prior installing it in the aircraft.  In addition, most of the steel parts that we sell are coated with CRC SP-400 Corrosion Inhibitor to prevent it from rust or corrosion.  Please clean the part with the appropriate cleaning solvent before installation.
  • The price of the part we sell on eBay is higher than the price in our website.  The reason for this is to cover selling fees.  Not all of our inventories are listed on eBay, Barnstormers, or other marketplace.
  • We only accept cash payment this time.  For international customer, you may request other form of payment that is convenient to you.  However, if you’re not comfortable due to many scams online the please contact us first.

We have many customers around the globe requesting for serviceable or brand new parts, overhauled engines, aircraft, AMT instructional parts, etc. that we don’t carry in our inventory.  We served those customers that best we can.  However, please understand that we are not a big commercial enterprise, OEM distributor, aircraft salvage, or FAA certified repair station.  We can’t provide you with a dealer’s discounts, overhaul your parts, or compete pricing with other vendors.

Lastly, all our transactions are personalized.  Our customers worldwide knew us from this website, social media sites, or from other marketplace.  Some customers bought a $100.00 item then ordered an overhauled engine the following month.  One customer bought an overhauled propeller from our website then bought an airplane from us after couple of months.  We understand your apprehension in dealing with us especially on the cash payment transaction.  The internet scam ruins the reputation of online businesses.  However, no one pressure you to deal with us and we don’t need to entice you of what we offer.  We love to do business with anyone who wanted to build his or her trust and confidence with us.  And it is always our pleasure to be of service to the GA community.

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